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How do I know if it's time to have my septic tank emptied?

This is a question that we hear every day. People typically have three concepts about their septic tank:

  1. It's outside
  2. It's underground
  3. It's expensive to have it emptied

We certainly don't argue the first two points. The third one is where we stand apart from other septic cleaning companies.

Not only do we charge some of the most reasonable rates in the state, customers appreciate our up-front honesty about what our services cost. We don't hide costs that should be included in the base price of the service that we offer. We certainly don't perform work under one assumption and then hand a customer a bill that represents another picture. Beyond that, we stand behind all of our work and promise that you won't find anyone else around that can match our customer experience. And in case you haven't already noticed, we give away free septic service every month. You really won't find any better than that anywhere else.

The State of Georgia recommends having your septic system cleaned (or pumped, or emptied) in three-to-five year intervals. This is the timeframe that we recommend also. Some families can get away with a little longer, the use in other households requires that they have more frequent service. If you'll watch the animation below, you'll see how the septic tank works and why, once it fills with solid waste, you should have it emptied.

If you're experiencing problems at your house and would like to schedule service or just ask a question, feel free to call us or use the chat link above. We're available 24/7.

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